Project Design

The District’s physical design is organized around the needs of key North American manufacturing and distribution supply chains and is engineered to be a seamless West Coast multimodal logistics setting. The project benefits from a highly competitive Merced County business setting, the advantages of low asset costs, easy access to all of California’s sizable consumption and production markets in an overall low-cost, business-friendly environment.

The size of the MCITD allows for distinct development areas with special attention to the needs and requirements of specific tenant-types. In the greenfield manufacturing and distribution zone, the develop offers large-scale sites that can range up to several hundred acres or more and accommodate projects over 1M in development size. These sites will have direct access to road interchanges for the Atwater-Merced Expressway, allowing for easy distribution and truck access to the high-speed road system via CA-99. This area is rail-served with a spur leading to the BNSF mainline.

Alternatively, the project offers smaller-footprint sites in its urban industrial zone, consistent with a high-design business park. This area caters to smaller-scale industrial and business park uses, with more limited demand for heavy truck movements. In this area, the project will have a business hotel and a range of retail and restaurant uses to support the workers on the site.

Additionally, the project will have an area dedicated to support air logistics-dependent users, with development sites near and adjacent to the Castle Airport runway system. These sites will be flexible in size and can offer direct access to the airfield, while also enjoying proximate access to rail and the high-speed roadway system.