Site Availability & Incentives

The MCITD is comprised of a range of opportunities for occupancy and development. In addition to the 1000-acre Airport complex, the MCITD includes approximately 1000 acres, including some existing buildings and greenfield sites for new development. A full list of the existing building assets can be found here: MCITD Available Industrial Buildings.

Merced County can offer a range of customized incentives for companies in key target sectors, including asset development support, labor force readiness and infrastructure. The County is also able to assist in supporting streamlined processes for regulatory approvals that may be required from other government bodies including the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District. The Foreign-Trade Zones Board has designated the Airport and its hangers, warehouses, industrial buildings, and distribution facilities as Foreign-Trade Zone #226. Additionally, there may be incentives from the State of California and the County and INVESTMerced will be pleased to explore these opportunities.

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